- 5 May 2022

10 Reasons Why Montenegro is the Top Europe Destination for 2023

After two very difficult years, most European countries are pulling back on the travel restrictions and other measures introduced during the pandemic.* The days of free travel seem to be coming back. And don’t we all need a break! 

If you are looking for a dreamy destination for your 2023 holiday, you don’t have to look far. Montenegro offers the perfect atmosphere to relax and leave behind the stress of everyday life.  

*Note: As of the date of publishing this text, there are no special requirements for entering Montenegro. 

1. Getting It Is Easy 

Tivat Airport. Photo Credit: Anton Nikiforov / CC BY 3.0

The geographical location of the country is perfect for many reasons. Montenegro feels exotic, but it’s actually quite close to everything.

If you are in the UK or pretty much anywhere in Europe, all that separates you from Montenegrin sunshine is a 2-3 hour flight. And it does not have to be very expensive either.  

Montenegro has two airports – Tivat and Podgorica. During the summer season, there are direct flights from one of these airports to pretty much every major hub in Europe, plus multiple budget airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair flying to the UK. 

2. The Landscape is Amazing

Durmitor. Photo Credit: Dirgela / CC BY 3.0

Can you guess where the picture above was taken? Switzerland? Norway? Nope, it’s Montenegro! 

The diversity of the natural landscape in Montenegro is stunning, especially considering the small territory of the country. Rocky cliffs, mountain rivers, lush forests, and dreamy beaches – Monte has it all.

3. Everything is Within Reach

girl sun

It’s not just easy to get to Montenegro, but getting around is also a breeze. With a surface area of just under 14,000 square kilometers. Montenegro is as big as half of Belgium or just a bit smaller than Northern Ireland. 

This means it takes about 5 hours of driving at a leisurely pace to cross the whole country border-to-border. In other words, you can be anywhere you want in the country within a day. 

Getting around by car is easy, but those who don’t want to drive can also use the extensive bus network. In accordance with the Balkan spirit, public transportation is not always on time, but it will get you to your destination nevertheless. 
Or, for example, you could take the Coast of Montenegro tour with Limitless and see the whole Southern part of the country within a day.

4. You Can Climb to the Top of a Mountain

Lovcen. Photo Credit: Alen Ištoković / CC BY 3.0

Mount Lovćen Holds a special place in the heart of every Montenegrin. The beautiful giant looming above the Adriatic is not just a symbol of Montenegro. 

The Lovcen National Park is, for the most part, accessible by car, but you can get there via hiking trails from the Bay of Kotor, for example, if you are up for a challenge. 

Either way, get ready for some scenic routes and incredible panoramic viewpoints. 

This is just one example of the hiking options in Montenegro. If you are staying in Bay of Kotor, Limitless offers scenic hiking tours of the surrounding area for all levels.

5. Or Indulge in the Vibes of the Adriatic

Kotor Montenegro

Montenegro is home to multiple charming coastal cities. The key spots to visit are Kotor, Perast, Budva, Tivat, and Herceg Novi and each town has its own unique vibe. 

Go to Kotor or Perast and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and rich cultural heritage, head to Budva for nightlife and a livelier atmosphere, or visit Tivat and its luxurious marina Porto Montenegro. 

6. You Can Take a Sunset Boat Trip 

speed boat sunset

Is there anything more romantic than cruising on a boat as the sun sets and fills the sky with color? Well, certainly not many things. Add to that the fairytale scenery of the Montenegrin coast and you’ve got yourself one dreamy boat tour. 

If you are interested in speed boat tours in the Bay of Kotor, check out our guide and find the boat trip of your dreams.

7. Or Get Your Adrenaline Fix 

While life by the Adriatic often feels sleepy and slow, there is no shortage of opportunities for adventure for those looking for a thrill. 

Scuba diving, canyoning, rafting, trekking, paragliding, zip lines, and kite surfing are just some of the options that can get your heart pumping.

8. The Weather Is Great

fun at sea

The weather in Montenegro is pretty nice all the time. Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, the winters are pretty mild in the coastal region with temperatures rarely dropping below 10 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the mountains in the North of the country often get heavy snowfall and turn into a real winter wonderland. 

On the other hand, the summer can feel quite tropical down on the coast with lots of sun and heat. But during this time, the weather in the North of the country is quite pleasant and can offer quick refreshments. 

9. The Food is Delicious  

Montenegrin cuisine is a mix of typical Balkan dishes and Mediterranean influences with some original twists. Just like anywhere in the Balkans, you’ll surely find lots of meat and greasy food here (and it’s delicious). 

But in case that gets old (or isn’t your thing at all) the country also has a rich fishing tradition which leads to lots of fresh seafood on the menu. The local fruits and vegetables are also abundant and delicious, 

10. You’ll Definitely Come Back With Great Holiday Photos

One thing is for sure: you are guaranteed some awesome photos from your vacation in Montenegro. With stunning rocky cliffs, the beautiful Adriatic, outstanding viewpoints, tiny islands,  and dreamy ancient castles, it’s hard not to get a good photo. If you are into photography at all, you’ll definitely love it here. 

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