- 15 May 2021

10 Attractions You Can’t Miss in Montenegro

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If you are traveling by road in Montenegro, get ready to be amazed. Even though the country is small (you can travel from one end to the other in approximately 3 hours), there is plenty to see along the way. And it’s not just beaches and boat trips, although that’s a really big part of Montenegro. 

Choosing only 10 things from everything Montenegro has to offer is hard. We will inevitably skip over some amazing sights, but among these 10 there should be something for every taste. 

So here we go!

10. Skadar Lake 

skadar lake panorama

Located on the border between Montenegro and Albania, lake Skadar is the largest lake of the Balkan peninsula. It’s not only big, though, but also stunning. 

The thing Skadar Lake is most famous for is biodiversity. It’s a world-renowned sight for bird watching since 270 different species of birds can be seen in the area. 

Visiting Skadar Lake is a good idea, even for a short time to simply enjoy a meal of fresh fish on the shore. The more adventurous can try a boat tour or check out the cycling trails around the lake. 

9. Ostrog Monastery 

Ostrog monastery

Ostrog Monastery is not only a major pilgrimage site for Orthodox Chirstians, but also a stunning piece of architecture. Built during the 17th century, the monastery is carved into a vertical cliff. The remains of Sveti Vasilije, the founder of the monastery and a major Montenegrin saint are kept inside the building. 

Those planning to visit the monastery should be aware there is a dress-code to be respected. Long sleeves and pants/skirts are recommended, and women should cover their heads with a scarf. 

8. Durmitor National Park 

Mountain rivers, untouched evergreen forests, glacial lakes and stunning mountain peaks, that’s Durmitor for you. The highest peak is Bobotov Kuk at 2,525 meters above sea level. The Black Lake (Crno Jezero) is one of the most famous sights, but there is much more to discover for those craving a dash of fresh mountain air.

7. Long Beach and Ada Bojana 

In case you get tired of all the mountains and rocks, you can head over to Ulcinj for 12 kilometers of pure sand. The Long Beach (Velika Plaza) is located at the very edge of Montenegro, ending at the border with Albania marked by the Bojana river.

Somewhat of an unusual sight for Montenegro, this sandy paradise has gained somewhat of a reputation as the perfect spot for kite surfing and beach parties.

6. Mount Lovćen and Njegoš Mausoleum 

A stunning sight and a source of national pride, Mount Lovcen rises steeply above the coastal region of Kotor and Budva. 

The most well-known sight is the Njegos Mausoleum, located at the top of the mountain. To reach the mausoleum, you’ll need to hike up 400 steps. The view from the top is more than worth the hike though! They say on clear mornings you can see as far as the shores of Italy.

5. Blue Cave

blue cave montenegro
Blue Cave

For something a bit different, the Blue Cave (also called Blue Grotto) will make you feel like in a fairytale. The surreal blue shades of water inside this cave are something that’s hard to describe. To find out how to get there and experience it yourself, click here.

4. Porto Montenegro Marina, Tivat

porto montenegro
Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro was built for the super-rich and their yachts – but it doesn’t mean you can’t explore it. Tourists are very welcome and having coffee there while amongst snow white yachts won’t hurt your wallet.If you need someone to guide you on your road trip through Montenegro, we’ve got the right tour for you.

3. Budva Old Town

Sveti Stefan island
Sveti Stefan

Budva old town is a small but a prominent tourist spot and relatively calm compared to Kotor. Don’t forget to check out the church of St. John there. 

The old town is surrounded by beautiful beaches (although they can get crowded during high season). The tiny island of Sveti Stefan, housing a 15th century village turned into a luxury tourist resort, is also located nearby.

2. Kotor old town

Old town of Kotor
Old town of Kotor

The old town of Kotor is small and very picturesque. Within a few hours you can explore all it’s alleyways and narrow winding streets which are reminiscent of old medieval towns. The rich historical heritage and the unique atmosphere make this town a spot no one should skip. 

1. Bay of Kotor

Sunrise over bay of kotor
Overlooking the Kotor Bay

Yes, the city of Kotor was already on this list, but the Bay of Kotor deserves a separate entry. The bay is sometimes called Europe’s southernmost fjord, although it’s actually an ancient river valley. In any case, the winding shoreline and the picturesque villages along the way make the bay definitely worth exploring. 

There are many ways to explore the bay, but the most enjoyable during the hot months is certainly seeing it from the water. For the best speed boat tours in Kotor, you can turn to Limitless. 

To get an overview of the Bay from high above, you could hike the fortress of San Giovanni, or let us know, and we’ll arrange a drive to the Lovćen national park for the best possible view (and a unique photo op) . 

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