The Coast of Montenegro Tour

7 - 9 hours
Kotor, Dobrota 178


Take this coast tour to experience some of the natural and cultural treasures of Montenegro. All you will need to do is to relax and enjoy the beauty of our country. You will have a chance to try authentic Montenegrin food and drinks, and get to places that offer the most stunning views of the Boka Bay and further. Get your cameras ready to take many photos, and let’s go!

The Coast of Montenegro Tour

This is our longest tour. WIthin a day, you’ll get to experience Boka Bay, the surrounding mountains, as well as a part of the Montenegrin coast that looks directly onto the open Adriatic sea. The tour will take approximately 6 or 7 hours, including all of the stops.

We will start from the Old Town Kotor area and head directly to the old town Perast where we will make our first stop. Here you will have the opportunity to see a beautiful old town (even older than Kotor) and the two famous islands situated just in front of it.

After Perast we will proceed further along the coast of the bay, passing the small old town of Risan and finally reaching the ferryboat area. We will take the scenic ferry route from Kamenari to Lepetane in order to continue our journey to Tivat. Here we will make a stop at one of the most popular luxury marinas on the Adriatic Sea – Porto Montenegro.

The ride from Tivat to Budva (the most popular tourist town on the Montenegro coast during the summertime) will take approximately 30min. Here we will make another stop to let you explore the old town of Budva.

In the Budva municipality, there is also the St. Stefan peninsula. This tiny scenic islet is one of the most popular attractions in the area. Unfortunately, we can just take photos, as the island is private property.

From the seacoast, we are proceeding to the old royal capital, Cetinje. Approximately 30/35 minutes is enough to reach this place at 650 meters above sea level. This is the heart of the old Montenegro. A lot of sights to be seen.

After this place we are proceeding more up, using a new street from the old royal capital to the village Njeguši. The best place to taste traditional MNE food and drinks (smoked ham, cheese, honey, grape brandy, red wine…)

At the end of this tour we’ll make one final stop to admire the best panoramic viewpoints in the area. From 900 meters above sea level you can see almost all of Boka Bay.

Just below you is the old town Kotor. Using a unique old Austrian street consisting of 25 switchbacks we will drive back to our starting point in Kotor. The descent takes approximately 45 minutes.


The described tour can be cut, and changed as per your wishes. The tour can last from just a few hours until all day as much as you like. The same is with the all the stops, as per your decision.

Our vehicle is cleaned and disinfected after every tour. Car seats for children are available at your request.


  • directions iconKotor Old Town
  • clock iconPerast
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  • directions iconKamenari – Lepetane Ferry Line
  • clock iconPorto Montenegro Tivat
  • clock iconBudva
  • directions iconSveti Stefan
  • clock iconCetinje
  • clock iconNjeguši
  • directions icon Old Scenic Route Njeguši – Kotor