- 15 May 2022

Guide to Speed Boats in Montenegro

Atlantic-Marine 6.7 speed boat Kotor

Interested in renting a speed boat in Kotor, Montenegro? In this article we will cover two very important topics: what are the best jet boats or speed boats in Montenegro and what are the cheapest speed boats in Montenegro. 

What are the best speed boats in Montenegro?

Speed Boat Sizes

When it comes to speed boating there are two main types of boat: either a big boat which can have up to 20 people or smaller to medium sized boats which can have up to 10 people.

Medium sized boats are the best boats to rent in Kotor, because people who invest in medium boats are usually the ones that choose the highest quality.

People who buy these boats are typically experienced people who have been captains of big vessels. Safety is the number one priority, that is why they invest in good quality boats.This also ensures that customers have a great experience while speed boating and remain safe.

Besides, a medium-sized speed boat that fits 8 – 10 passengers is the perfect size for most purposes. Whether it’s a quick ride or a full day on the boat, this type of speed boat offers enough space without being too bulky. 

Speed Boat Features to Look For

The second tip we have for choosing speed boats to rent in Montenegro is to keep an eye out for the newer generation speed boats. 

Now, obviously, newer boats will have less wear on them which is one reason to pick them, but that’s actually not the main reason why we recommend newer boats.

More importantly, the newer generation of speed boats offers some additional features that improve your safety and comfort compared to older vessels. 

The best speed boats are built with 3 layers of fiberglass. They have a very strong middle layer which gives strong isolation from water. So even if the boat broke underneath , the water would not be able to come inside the boat.

Another reason to choose newer speed boats in Kotor is that newer boats tend to have counterweights which automatically balance the boats no matter where you sit.

Classical older boats that are less expensive usually don’t have any self balancing. Also the construction quality of those boats is not that great; they generally tend to have a single layer hull.

When looking for a speed boat in Kotor, you will find some bigger boats that look impressive available, but the truth is, if you really want to enjoy Kotor, you will get a better experience if you have a medium sized boat all to yourself. 

Also, during the peak season the prices are the same for all speed boat sizes.

It does not matter what type of boat you rent – big, small, classical or new. Their prices will be the same during the peak season as everyone tries to match the prices. So it’s important to know which boats are newer and better. 

What are the cheapest speed boats in Montenegro?

As mentioned, during the peak season most places will offer the same price for renting a speed boat. 

If you are looking for the cheapest options, then you might want to try Budva. You will find cheaper options there, but keep in mind that cheap does not always mean you are getting a better deal.

For instance the speed boat tours in Budva are relatively cheaper but also they will take you to less number of places and most of the boats are old. In Kotor, you will find speed boat tours that take you to more places that also include Budva.

And the boats you will come across are also newer and better built with amenities.

Cheaper boats also tend to have smaller engines which means they go slower and might not be a very enjoyable experience for you.

In any case, the best thing to do is to do your booking in advance. That way you are sure to get the best price as prices change according to season. Off-season prices are always lower, and if you book on time you might get some good deals even for peak season. Last-minute bookings in peak season are rarely cheap. 

If you choose Limitless as your speed boat rental agency, you can rest assured you will get a brand new boat in perfect condition at a reasonable price. Rent one of our speedboats by the hour (or day) for yourself, or hop onto one of our guided tours – the choice is yours.

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    Nishita Khanwani
    18 Aug 2022

    We have enjoyed boating in Montenegro before the pandemic and it was a lovely experience. The Blue Cave and Island of Mamula were beautiful. We also got enough time to swim. Next time, we will rent a jet boat.

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