- 23 Mar 2020

Life in Montenegro from a holiday perspective

Montenegro is a small country with amazing landscape and views and the beautiful Adriatic coastline. The deep blue sea in the summer is perfect for speed boating.

The town of Kotor is the most prominent place in Montenegro, it has many tourist attractions with rich history especially the old town with narrow winding streets and squares. The restaurants and the lively beaches will surely make your experience one of kind, like you’ve experienced nowhere before.

Size of the country

The country of Montenegro is relatively small country with a population of half a million people. Capital city of Podgorica is mostly know for it’s shopping malls and business.

Apart from the capital city the town of Kotor and Budva are the most beautiful and ideally located.

The weather is pretty good all year around too. Especially if you are someone that is coming from the UK, and you want to spend some in nature this is the place to go. And not only does it have a beautiful coastline, it has a vast virgin forest of Biogradska Gora

A virgin forest is one which are generally very old and have grown relatively undisturbed.

Cost of living in Montenegro

The cost of living in Montenegro is cheap compared to other western countries like Spain, France, UK. A lot of travel agencies do not promote Montenegro they rather show you Span or Italy or France.

Not only is it relatively cheap to live in Montenegro, the standard of living is also pretty good. In my opinion the price of goods and services is around 70% less than western Europe. That’s why you will find a lot of Russians and Ukrainians living and visiting Montenegro.

The food here is also mostly organic and natural. Since the population is quite low there is no need for large scale food production with fertilisers.

For example in UK you will generally get 300g or 500g of blueberries for £2.50 whereas here you can get 1kg blueberries for that price. Also most meats here are organic.

It provides you with a healthy lifestyle, you can go to the forest, swim in the sea, or go fishing.

Another great activity is speed boating in Kotor. You can go see the wonderful blue caves, the old submarine tunnels.

There are also artificial man made islands in the sea that can only be seen by boat

In Budva they have similar activities, like sky diving, fishing etc which surely are a lot of fun.

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