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10 Things You Should Know About Montenegro Travel

Lady of The Rock Montenegro

Traveling to Montenegro but not sure what to expect? Here is an insider guide with the most important things you need to know:

1 Traveling Around Montenegro is Easy

It’s hard to find a country that offers so much diversity in such a small space. Driving across the entire territory of this small country from North to South doesn’t take much longer than 5 hours, but there is a seemingly infinite number of wonders to discover along the way.

And luckily, finding your way around Montenegro is quite easy. There is an extensive bus network that will take you to almost any city, town, or village you wish to visit. And when you get there, you’re met with traditional hospitality of friendly locals. On top of that, the local currency is Euro, so there is no need to deal with wads of unfamiliar banknotes.

2 The Landscape Is Captivating

The Land of Black Mountains (meaning of the words Montenegro) is definitely worthy of the title. And not just any mountains. The sharp cliffs and stunning gorges characteristic of the karst landscape intermingle with lush forests and green meadows. Rivers, lakes, and the Adriatic sea – it’s all there.

Just driving along the winding countryside roads is enough to take your breath away. If you are into photography, you will surely not be disappointed by the scenery. Unlike most of Europe, Montenegro offers large stretches of wild landscape and is perfect for those who like to explore the outdoors. This doesn’t mean that some cities are not worth a visit, like Kotor which is a unique gem no one should miss.

3 The Hiking Routes Are Amazing

Montenegro has many excellent hiking spots with well-marked trails. The country has 5 national parks, and 4 of them are mountains (the fifth one is Lake Skadar). As you can imagine, there are quite a few peaks to climb if that is what you are interested in. From enjoyable low-intensity strolls through mountain meadows to some really challenging climbs, it can all be found in Montenegro.

If you head towards the North of Montenegro, the increase in altitude can also bring some refreshment during the hot summer months. Durmitor National Park is the most popular hiking spot during the summer, but there are some amazing trails in Biogradska Gora and around Kolašin too. And that just the beginning.

4 You Can Camp Almost Anywhere

Camping is allowed almost anywhere in Montenegro. And not only it is allowed, but there are plenty of truly awesome locations where you can enjoy a night away from civilization. If getting off the beaten path is your thing, make sure to pack a tent for you trip. There are freshwater springs in most places, but not everywhere, so make sure to plan your trip beforehand.

5 Don’t Forget the Train

There are not many rail routes in Montenegro, but those that are there are worth it if just for watching the landscape.

The main train connection is Bar-Belgrade. It starts from Bar on the coast and goes all the way up to the northern border of Montenegro and on into Serbia. On the stretch from Bar to Podgorica the train passes through the charming landscape of Lake Skadar. After Podgorica the line gets even more interesting. It passes through the steep canyon of river Morača and on through numerous tunnels cut through the mountains.

Besides being cheaper than the bus, the train is also much more comfortable. There is much more space to stretch out and you can even book a private cabin with beds inside.

6 … But Renting A Car Is Definitely Worth It

There are some amazing back roads in the country that should not be missed. One of the most stunning stretches is the old road from Kotor to Cetinje via the village of Njeguši. The road is difficult to drive with many sharp turns, but the views are some of the best in Montenegro.

Even for a day or two, a car rental can mean you see the places you just can’t reach on public transport. We recommend  Piano Rental, a local company offering rentals near Podgorica and Tivat airports and all across Montenegro. They offer competitive rates and a clear insurance policy.

7 Meat Is On The Menu…

Just like anywhere in the Balkans, meat is a big deal in Montenegro. Meat platters, lamb stew, cevapi, grilled… anything. You’ll find that any respectable eating establishment in the country offers a great deal of meat dishes on the menu.

Don’t get us wrong, though. If meat is what you are looking for, you’re bound to have a great time. There are many delicacies to try.

8 …But Montenegro Has More to Offer In Terms of Food

Restaurant at Kotor bay side

If meat is not your thing, don’t despair! Montenegrin cuisine has more to offer… Near the sea you’ll find a great offer of fish plates and all kinds of seafood. Local cheese is also of great quality.

For vegans, it can be a bit difficult finding something satisfying at the restaurants, but not impossible. But, if you are looking for more greenery you’ll find that local markets offer a nice array of fresh, locally grown fruits & veggies.

9 Don’t Miss the Bay of Kotor

If there is one city you shouldn’t miss when you are in Montenegro, it’s Kotor. Thus coastal city with rich historical heritage is set inside the closest thing to a fjord you’ll find in the Mediterranean. Set between the beautiful coastline and the steep mountains, this town looks like from another reality.

The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a joy to discover. However, the best way to experience the Bay of Kotor is by hiring a boat. If you are interested in, Kotor boat tours, take a look at what Limitless Speed Boat Kotor has to offer.

10. Montenegro Has Something for Everyone

Montenegro is practically heaven for those who prefer their travels with a side of outdoor adventure. It also has something for every taste! Hiking through the countryside and taking an icy dip in mountain lakes? Quiet family holiday by the sea? Dancing the night away in charming seaside towns? Montenegro really has it all.

Let us know what if you’ve got something to share or if you’ve got some travel tips about Montenegro.

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