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A Small Guide to Kotor, Montenegro

boat tours in Kotor, Montenegro

Welcome to Montenegro and Kotor. If you are new to this beautful country you will enjoy your visit. Montenegro is a very young country, it got it’s independence in 2006 and it’s mountains and the Adriatic coastline will mesmerise you.

The bay of Kotor, Montenegro is a very unusual yet beautiful bay. It’s a double bay which narrows down before opening up again. Here’s a small guide to Kotor and all the things you can do around there.

Getting to Kotor

You can get to Kotor from either Dubrovnik (two hours by car or bus plus time to cross the border) or from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

If you are coming by bus from Dubrovnik try to get the first as there is a different queue for busses and it can get long. You may end up waiting an hour or more.

Old town of Kotor

Old town of Kotor is a medieval town that is shaped like a triangle with gates on each corner. It’s got narrow winding streets with a few squares and surrounded by restaurants and churches. And right behind the town we’ve got steep mountains which are actually quite high. You can go on mountain trail and enjoy the view of Kotor bay from the top.

Kotor is also famous for it’s street cats, once you go to old town you’ll see them wandering around and each one seems to have a special spot where it likes to sit.

Things to do in Kotor, Montenegro

Apart from the old town, here are few things you can do in the town of Kotor, Montenegro.

Climbing the town walls

One of the main things to do in Kotor, Montenegro is the to climb up the city wall. The wall stretches from the back of the city up the mountain to the 260 year old fortress. Although you will have to enter it through the main city, it will take around 90 mins to complete. Considering you will be taking pictures and enjoying the view.

Kotor boat tour

There’s another great experience to be had in Kotor and it’s speed boating in Kotor. You can find various offers around Kotor bay that will take you out to Kotor bay. There are many attractions to see in Kotor when you hire a speed boat. The main ones are Lady of the Rocks and the Blue Caves.

Churches & Museums in Kotor

st. luka's chucrch

Majority of the people in Kotor are mostly orthodox christian but there are some Catholic churches as well. You’ll find a church in every square in the old town in Kotor. The picture above is St. Luke’s Church. It started off as a catholic church in 1195 and later on it became an orthodox church. Some of the main churches are:

  1. St Tryphon’s Cathedral
  2. St Nicholas’ Church
  3. St Luke’s Church
  4. St Mary’s Collegiate Church

Maritime Museum of Montenegro is the main museum in Kotor Montenegro. It’s located in the centre of town and has 3 stories. Main things to see there are photographs, uniforms and old ship models.

There are two smaller museums in Kotor one of them is the Cats Museum which has prints, coins with a cat theme. And the second museum is the Lapidarium Museum which mainly holds sculptures and archaeological fragments.

Kotor Restaurants

Seafood is quite popular in Kotor, you will find various sea foods like octopus, fish and squid which are generally served with a local sauce made from olive oil, wine, garlic and mild spices. If you are not a fan sea food you can also find more traditional Balkan dishes.

Also the local beer is quite good and cheap. And there is local white and red wine.

There is numerous cafes around Kotor, where you can find a coffee or a beer. Several cafes in the old town of Kotor have diverse crowd where you can find a good cup of coffee.

Transportation around Kotor

Old town of Kotor is very pedestrian friendly you can walk around easily, and outside the town wall you can also find taxis that take you to different places.

The most common mode of transport in Montenegro is bus. There are a few options for you if you are interested in a day trip from Kotor


Budva is another small town located right next to Kotor, and it’s also on the Adriatic coast. Not only is it a medieval town it’s got some sandy beaches for you to enjoy. Busses take somewhere between 30 – 45 mins to travel between Kotor and Budva.


Perast is another small town town which is located along the bay of Kotor, the main attraction here is a boat trip to Lady of the Rocks, which has a church from 1650 on small island. Back on the mainland you can visit the Perast museum and some restaurants. Buses take about 30 mins from Kotor to reach Persast.

Boat trip from Kotor

Although if you are interested in visiting these places, it’s more fun and efficient if you take a boat tour from Kotor. You will not only enjoy a boat ride you will get to see all these towns and their attracations in one go.

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