- 31 May 2021

Boat Tours in Montenegro: 5 Reasons Why You Must Experience the Bay of Kotor by Boat

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The mistake many have made when visiting the Kotor area is not going on a boat tour. Yes, there is lots to explore on the shore, but there is no better way to escape the summer heat and the crowds than spending a day on the boat. And if you think there is nothing to do and see except the blue shades of the Adriatic (also amazing), you are greatly mistaken. 

Here are some of the sights in the Bay of Kotor that are best explored by boat: 

#5 You can explore secret submarine tunnels 

Submarine Tunnels Montenegro

One of the least known attractions in the Bay of Kotor is an old military tunnel for hiding submarines. While technically accessible by land too, this tunnel is best experienced by boat. Entering the spooky tunnel from sea, you’ll get to feel just like a character in a James Bond movie! 

#4 It’s the only way you can visit Our Lady of the Rocks

Lady of The Rock and St Geroge islands, panoramic view

Our Lady of the Rocks is one of the two picturesque islets located near the town of Perast. As you might guess from the name, the islet and the church located on it are not just pretty, but also have a very interesting story. The best way to learn about the legend of Our Lady of the Rocks is by visiting in person, and this can only be done by boat. 

#3 You get to experience the wonders of the Blue Grotto 

Exterior of blue cave montenegro

The Blue Cave is located just outside the Bay of Kotor, but it’s reachable by speed boat in a relatively short time. No matter where your starting point is, you’ll get to enjoy mesmerizing scenery along the way to the cave, but that’s nothing compared to the magical atmosphere found inside. 

#2 It’s the only way you can see the island of Mamula 

Mamula island Montenegro

Located right into the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, Mamula is another islet with a rich (and eerie) history. The fortress on the island looks like it should be a set for Game of Thrones, and the actual history of the place is no less fascinating. Definitely a place you must check out when making a Kotor boat trip! To find out more about Mamula and its story, click here

#1 There’s no better way to enjoy the stunning nature of Kotor Bay  

Bay of Kotor

The blue shades of the sea in the Bay of Kotor, the sun on your skin, the smell of salt and the wind in your hair… These things on their own are worthy of taking the time for a boat trip while in Kotor. However, at the same time, you’ll also get a unique view of the shore that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. The steep rocks rising to the sky, the unique vegetation and the picturesque villages along the coast are definitely something everyone should see at least once. 

All of this together makes a tour of Kotor Bay one of the best boat tours you can do in Montenegro. When it comes to Kotor speed boat tours, Limitless is the company that can arrange the perfect experience for you. If you are interested, make sure to check out our offer of group tours and private tours or contact us and we’ll create the best possible experience for your taste. 

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