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Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro

For years now, Porto Montenegro has sovereignly held the position of the most luxurious marina on the Adriatic. That’s not surprising given the capital and attention invested in this project.

The unique location of the marina inside the UNESCO-protected Boka Bay combined with the amazing array of high-end services and experiences offered quickly earned it the nickname “new Monaco”.

Located near the city of Tivat, Porto Montenegro is one of the best Mediterranean marinas and listed in the top 15 elite superyacht marinas worldwide and one of the top locations for hedonists of all sorts.

Porto Montenegro

The Longest Berth in the World

When the marina opened in June 2019, the initial number of berths was 85. Today, Porto Montenegro offers yacht owners as many as 450 berths. It’s not only the number of berths that is astounding, though. Porto Montenegro is also home to the longest berth in the world (250 meters long). This only shows that the marina is suited for the largest and most luxurious yachts in the world.

The unique position of this port in the heart of the Mediterranean and right inside the beautiful Bay of Kotor quickly made Porto Montenegro the place to be for yacht owners.

That this marina is becoming a real hit among the jet set is evidenced by the fact that it is home to the “Golden Fleet” of Saudi Prince Khaled bin Sultan, which was previously anchored in Nice. As many as two-thirds of the luxury Arab fleet, which includes both mega and superyachts, will be anchored here for 30 years.

Porto Montenegro offers berthing spots throughout the year, but it’s not just about paring a yacht. The village surrounding the marina offers every luxury one might imagine. From high-end residences to a variety of restaurants, bars, and boutiques right at the seaside, this place has it all. The life at Porto Montenegro never gets boring either as there are always some new developments popping up.

The average occupancy of the marina has been 93%, so they must be doing something right. If you are interested in booking a berth, head over to their official website for details.

Porto Montenegro

Luxury Holiday Residences

The exclusive hotel Regent Porto Montenegro is the star of Porto Montenegro when it comes to holiday accommodation. Set right at the waterfront, the hotel has repeatedly ranked among the best honeymoon destinations. Anyone who wants to have a high-end holiday will not regret staying there, though.

Besides the hotel, Porto Montenegro now offers various private residences both for those looking to rent and those looking to buy a property. The prices are high, but the experience of living in the bustling luxury village in the heart of Adriatic is priceless.

Porto Montenegro

Shopping, Dining, and Nightlife

You really don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy a day at Porto Montenegro. The marina village has a lot to offer to anyone interested in its charms.

If shopping is your vice, Porto Montenegro can offer dazzling array of high-end boutiques. For those looking to enjoy a meal and/or a drink, the number of options is amazing too.

The marina village is the perfect location both for social dining and romantic encounters. You can find practically everything there – from the finest wines and delicious Montenegrin specialties to a variety of choices from world cuisine.

If you looking for the best fine dining experiences, you can find them here. However, there are also options for those looking to grab a casual meal without spending a fortune.

One of the most popular places among the locals is Al Posto Giusto. There, you can enjoy an original Italian pizza and some great wine for a very reasonable price.

As summer begins, the life at the marina starts to get busier. You can expect to find all kinds of events, including artistic, musical and fashion performances.

Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro Yacht Club

One of the most interesting parts of Porto Montenegro is definitely the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club. The Yacht Club offers every activity you can imagine – from sailing to yoga and even archery and croquet. It’s impossible to be bored.

Part of the Yacht Club is the infinity pool area. The magnificent 200-foot infinity pool is not just for yacht club members, but also open for guests and a perfect spot to spend an afternoon just chilling and enjoying the sunsets. Surrounded by beautiful daybeds and a 20-seater lounge area at the side of the pool, there is really no better place to sip on a cocktail and enjoy the view.

Porto Montenegro

Getting There

Porto Montenegro is amazingly well connected. Getting there from Tivat airport by car wouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, for example. However, the nicest way to get there is, of course, by boat.

If you are staying in Kotor and interested in checking out the marina, Limitless Speed Boat Tours can arrange the experience for you.

The Porto Montenegro Tour will let you spend the time it takes to arrive there enjoying the beautiful vistas of Boka Bay right from the water. The tour includes a stop at the charming island Our Lady of the Rocks, and a stop at a beach bar on the way back.

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