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Holiday travel tips for Montenegro

Planning your holiday to Montenegro? Here are few travel tips that will help you save money and get a great experience in wonderful Montenegro.

Travel to Montenegro

If you are travelling from UK the best way to travel to Montenegro is to fly to the capital city, Podgorica. Pre-booking your tickets with Ryanair is the cheapest and the most convenient way to get there.

It’s a direct flight from London to Podgorica which is about 3 hours. Pre-booking will cost your 40 to 60 euros at the most 70 which is quite a bargain.

What is there to do in Podgorica, Montenegro?

It’s a city of roughly 200,000 people. It’s mostly a business city with not to many tourist attractions. If you are into shopping malls you’ll find a few shopping malls there. But apart from that it’s mostly a business city.

Budva and Kotor are the most popular tourist spots in Montenegro. Budva is about 70km away from Podgorica . Taking a taxi from outside the airport will cost generally cost you around 70 euro. But if you call a taxi company and book your taxi that way it will cost you less, around 40 – 50 euro. It is a good idea book a taxi from rather than taking a taxi from outside.

Budva and Kotor

Here are a some tips and info about Budva and Kotor that will be very handy to know.

There are divided into 3 sections.

1. Travel and getting around

  • Budva to Kotor taxi will cost you 20 euro, that is the standard price. In the summer time taxi might try to increase the price, don’t pay more than 20 euro for it.
  • When you land in Podgorica, going through Kotor is the only way to get to Budva.
  • Kvat is a beautiful place near Budva which is roughly around 20 km and taxi will also cost you 20 euro one way.
  • Everything is in Euro. Taxi in Budva city anywhere is max 5 euro. If taxi ask for more you should not pay more than that
  • You can also book a taxi from a Taxi company like Uber, they charge you the best price, everything on the system so you don’t have to worry about negotiating a price
  • Be careful about private taxi travelling within Budva and Kotor is maximum 5 euro
  • Use e-Bikes: You can rent bicycles and e-bikes for a very cheap price. Budva is very busy in summer. they are very practical, you can visit the beach, do some off-roading.

2. Food and restaurants

  • Supermarkets: Idea, Roma Cafe are the two prominent supermarkets. They have all kind of food. prices are cheaper compared to UK. Coffee is cheaper by 20 -30%.
  • Restaurants: Seaside restaurants are expensive. Best recommendation in Budva for a seaside restaurant is Oland. It has reasonable prices, a meal will cost you around 8 -12 euro.
  • Restaurants that are not on the seaside are cheaper, locals go there. Filvdi is a 5 star restaurant which is 5 mins by taxi , 15-20 mins walk,. Budva also has good Turkish cuisine place which is easy to find and the food is excellent.
  • Kotor Restaurants are slightly more expensive, around 14 euros. Most of them have good quality food. so, it’s worth it. Also the same supermarkets there as they are a big chain.
  • Generally cup of espresso will cost you around 1.5 – 2 euro at a cafe. And if you smoke, you can find cheap brand like Marlboro for 3 euro and Dunhill around 3.40 euro.
  • Shisha Cafes everywhere, seaside shisha will cost around 15 euro, a bit far away 8 euro, if you are tourist, I recommend you try out both places for experience and check out the vibe of touristy seaside.

3. Other tips to keep in mind

  • Kotor and Budva you can really walk everywhere, best way is walking and renting bicycles, or e-bikes.
  • Language: Most people don’t speak English especially taxis . Make sure you have Google Translate with you. Learing some basic Serbian will help you as a lot of people speak it.
  • If you are dining in a seaside restaurant in Budva and Kotor you can expect the staff to speak English there. While in other more inland places you’ll also come across Russian.

So these are some of the tips we have about travelling to Budva and Kotor. We hope you find them useful and if you would like to know more we are happy to help you. You can contact us here or leave comment down below.

If you think there is something we missed, we would love to hear about it in the comments down below.

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