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Blue Cave

blue cave motnenegro

Montenegro has many jewels, but the Blue Cave is certainly the brightest one! 
The Blue Cave is a natural cave formed at the foot of a steep cliff. It is a result of the long process of waves and rocks clashing against each other for thousands of years. The end result – a mesmerizing shade of blue that looks out of this world.

This enchanting cave is located on the magnificent Lustica peninsula, between Zlatna Luka and Cape Mala Gora. The cave looks out to the open sea so it’s technically outside of the Boka Bay, but it is one of the top locations for boat trips in the area nevertheless.

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Mesmerizing Beauty

The authentic feature thanks to which the Blue Cave got its name is the turquoise blue water that fills this dark cave. The shades of blue you see when you are inside are hard to describe, but it could be said that it looks like the water itself is shining from the depths. Light rays that fall directly on the surface of the sea are reflected on the vault of the cave and scattered, thanks to which they create a fascinating azure blue reflection in the water.

The cave covers the surface of about 300m². The depth of the water in the cave is about 5m and the height from sea level to the top of the vault is 9m. The cave has two openings at an angle of 45 degrees, a smaller opening on the south side and a larger one on the southwest side, which is 3 m high and about 15 m wide which allows smaller boats to come inside.

blue cave montenegro

A Unique Experience

Probably the best part about visiting the Blue Cave is that you get to swim inside. Swimming and diving in this magical place is a surreal experience for all the senses; and there are at least 3 things that make it unique!

First of all, the visual effect that color of the water creates is something you have probably never seen before. It is a spectacle in itself.

Second, the water here is very salty, which makes the human body float more easily. That’s why swimming inside the cave is an enjoyable experience even for inexperienced swimmers.

Third, this hidden wonder of nature also has an acoustic aspect. The resonance of this cave turns every sound inside it into an echo, thus completing the surreal experience.

The exceptional beauty of the cave is best seen during sunny days, before noon. During this time, the sun’s rays refract in the water, and illuminate the water and the walls of the cave with an indescribably beautiful shade of blue and indigo.

blue cave montenegro

Getting There

The only way to access the Blue Cave is by sea. Tourists can visit Blue Cave with organized boat tours. This is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the beauties of this natural phenomenon and to get the opportunity to bathe in turquoise blue waters.

Limitless Speed Boat Kotor is a leading company in Montenegro when it comes to boat tours. The Blue Cave Group Tour is one of our most popular group tours. This tour will let you explore the wonders of Blue Cave in the best possible well. As a plus, you get to see the islands Mamula and Our Lady of the Rocks along the way, and explore a submarine tunnel.

If you prefer a custom-made experience, you can book our Private Blue Cave Tour. This way, you can explore the wondrous cave in private company of your choice. In our fleet, we have speedboats with skippers with a capacity of up to 10 people. The boats are modern and competently equipped to provide you with a guaranteed safe and beautiful experience.

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