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Top 5 Boat Tours Destinations

Boat Tours Scenes From Recommended Destinations

If you want to get to know Montenegrin’s history better and feel the beauty of Kotor and Boka Bay, then one of the best ways is to choose one of the speedboat tours we offer.

Through a detailed description of the five of our most visited speedboat tours, we will give you one more reason to visit us soon and discover why our tours are one of the most popular. Last year we had over 10 000 passengers, and if you want to find out why most of them came back to revisit us this year, be sure to visit one of the following tours:

1. Blue Cave Adventure Boat Tour

The Blue Cave Adventure is one of our most popular tourist destinations. This magical cave will delight you with its crystal blue color. A visit to this place will be fascinating for lovers of diving because a real little underwater paradise is hidden under the surface. From this location, you can see the extraordinary seascapes of the Adriatic Sea and take beautiful photos. The mountains of Boka Bay, as well as coastal towns, are also visible from here.

After a break, we continue to the panoramic view of Mamula Island. Originally, this islet was called Lastavica because of the type of birds that inhabited it, and the island also has a very turbulent history.

We will then enter one of the three sea tunnels nearby. Now defunct, these tunnels were built by the Yugoslav Navy to keep submarines and smaller ships out of sight.

The last destination on this magical journey is a visit to Lady of the Rock. This magical island in Boka Bay is right in front of the Old Town of Perast. There is a Roman Catholic church, museum, and souvenir shop on this artificial island. It is considered one of the main tourist attractions in this part of the Adriatic because of the legend about its origin and unreal beauty.

On the way back to Kotor, you’ll be treated to a panoramic view of Perast, a UNESCO heritage site. Perast is an old town museum where every alley, house, step, and stone has its own story and history. Respectable, wealthy sailors built it, and many families were of noble origin.

This tour lasts only three hours, and you can take children, who we believe will be impressed by this magical sight.

2. Lady of the Rock & Perast Old Town

Our Lady of the Rocks & Perast speed boat tour is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Kotor.

The tour starts in the port of Kotor, and the first place visited is the incredible Lady of the Rock. In addition to the astonishing beauty of this place, you will be interested to hear the incredible story that this place tells.

The second part of the tour is a walking visit to Perast. The place lies at the foot of the hill of St. Ilija, opposite the sea strait Verige, where the Bay of Kotor and Risan Bay separate. Perast is an example of a spontaneous urban formation with deep respect for nature and its forms.

This tour offers you privacy and extra intimacy in just two hours.

3. Porto Montenegro

The Porto Montenegro tour offers one of the most beautiful views of Boka bay to everyone who decides on it. A visit to this luxurious marina is truly magical, and the tour provides enough free time to enjoy swimming, drinking, and eating in the nearby cafes and restaurants.

And on this tour, the first stop is a visit to Lady of the Rock and an opportunity to admire her incredible museum and church.

Sailing through the bay, you will see the Verige passage, which got its name from the chains that were once stretched in the narrowest part of the bay to defend against enemy attacks.

The next destination is Porto Montenegro. The luxury marina with 450 berths is a regular stop for some of the world’s most outrageous superyachts. After that, we get to the primary goal of this tour, which is to have fun! You will have plenty of time to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing at the location of your choice. Options include some of the best beachside bars and restaurants in the bay. Relax with a few drinks or try some local seafood specialties – it’s totally up to you!

This tour also gives you privacy and lasts for three hours.

4. Jewels of Montenegro Boat Tours

This six-hour tour allows you a real adventure, enjoying the spectacular views and learning about this place’s history and the local seafood and wine.

It starts with a visit to the Blue Cave, then a panoramic view of the Mamula Fortress and enchanting Perast, and a visit to the Lady of the Rock island.

The tour ends with a one-hour lunch at a mussel farm, where you will enjoy traditionally cooked mussels and local wine.

With everything offered, this tour will allow you to see the best of Kotor, and you will still have time to swim, sunbathe and enjoy delicious mussels with a glass of good wine.

5. True Hedonist Only

Last but not least is a speedboat tour dedicated to true hedonists. Lasting eight hours, this tour begins with boarding in any part of the port of Kotor. Our luxury yacht Don Amon 2022, with a capacity of up to 15 passengers, is designed to provide our guests with the highest level of comfort and enjoyment.

Our tour’s first stop is Perast, which provides time to explore and enjoy this beautiful place. The next stop is the exploration of a secret submarine tunnel from World War II. Then we will enjoy an hour of swimming and diving in the Blue Cave. In the continuation of the tour, we will pass by the fortress of Mamula on the island of Lastavica.

After all this, you’ll probably be hungry, so we’ll take you out for lunch. We offer you two options:

1) Lunch in Dobreč Bay, where one of the best fish restaurants in Montenegro is located, which offers fresh seafood every day with an excellent menu that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

2) Lunch at Ribarski Selo, an excellent restaurant located in its own part of paradise, Žanjice, on the Luštica peninsula.

Please note that lunch is not included in the price of the tour.

After this, we cannot miss the opportunity not to take you to the island Lady of the Rock. Our tour doesn’t end here cause we are planning to enjoy the sunset from the middle of the bay, with good wine and music.

The tour ends in the Port of Kotor or the destination of your choice.

A reason to enjoy

Whichever of the offered boat tours you choose, we believe you will not regret it. Each of them provides an insight into the beauty of Kotor and Boka Bay. The feeling that this adventure will leave you is truly priceless.

You can find more details about the tours and prices on our website.

We sincerely look forward to your company and believe that the magical feeling left by the beauty of the Montenegrin region will be awakened anew every time you look at the fantastic photos of the sea, architecture, or sunset in the bay you will take during these tours. See you!

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