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Old Town of Kotor – More Activities Nearby

Scene From Bay of Kotor - Old Town Of Kotor Blog

In addition to the great and unique speed boat tours we offer, in this blog, we will also present to you what other activities you can do while you are in the Old Town of Kotor. We hope that with a couple of good recommendations, we will help you to experience the beauty of Boka Kotor Bay as much as possible.

Tours for hiking enthusiasts

One of the ways to get a better experience of the Bay of Kotor is hiking. The hiking trails around the Bay of Kotor will reveal priceless views and many hidden sights.

The most famous trail in Kotor is hiking to the fortress of San Giovanni (St. John), but there are others besides this one. Numerous trails around the Bay of Kotor and its hinterland allow you to experience the area’s nature, culture, and history from an entirely new perspective.

To better show you the beauty and potential of the Bay of Kotor area for hiking, we recommend three interesting routes for lovers of hiking and a good view:

Village Špiljari and Top of the Fortress offer a magical view from the top that will certainly not leave you indifferent. You can start the tour by walking to the village Špiljari, which is older than Kotor itself. A lonely inhabitant of Špiljar has turned his home into a small tavern where you can have a drink and enjoy the hospitality of this lovely host. Nearby is the fortress of St. Ivan, which perhaps offers the city’s most beautiful view.

Village Velji Zalazi is a slightly more challenging hiking tour. Although abandoned, this village is like a museum of old Montenegrin culture and village life. At the entrance to the village, there is a large square, and at the exit from the village, the bustier and the church of St. Sorcerers. Only a few houses have preserved roofs, while the rest are dilapidatedBeautiful viewpoints along the way, the most significant of which is certainly the pass at the entrance to the village, which is also the highest point on this path, offers an exceptional photogenic view of the Bay of Kotor.

Pestingrad is the most extreme and exciting hiking tour in this area. On the way, you pass under a natural rock bridge – the Fairy Bridge. Pestingrad is the ridge of Đerin Peak (1,098 masl) that rises above the Old Town of Kotor and Dobrota. Because of this position, it is an incredible viewpoint and offers an astonishing view of the entire Bay of Kotor and beyond. On the way back, you can also visit the village of Njeguši, a quiet and peaceful place located on the slopes of the Lovćen mountain at 900 m above sea level. The village is a famous tourist town known for producing the famous Montenegrin prosciutto, homemade cheese, and natural mountain honey.

Visit the Old Town of Kotor

The old town of Kotor is a place that preserves history and tradition. Many monuments of medieval architecture, such as churches, cathedrals, and museums, characterize it. Countless narrow streets, squares, and piazzas complement its beauty. The ramparts surrounding the city are about 5 km long, up to 20 meters high, and 10 meters wide. The beginning of their construction began in the 9th century, and they were extended over the next ten centuries. The ramparts have three doors, and whichever door you enter the city from, you will reach the most famous building – the Cathedral of St. Tripun from the 12th century, dedicated to the patron saint of the Guard.

The city has several squares, the largest of which is the principal city square – the Square of Arms. In the old town, there are many more landmarks, such as the Clock Tower, the mentioned Cathedral of Saint Tripun, the Church of Saint Luke, the Prince’s Palace, the Church of Saint Mary, the Church of Lady of Health, and Napoleon’s Theater.

The old town is home to the most significant number of shops and boutiques, a large number of souvenir shops and bookstores, and beautiful cafes and restaurants with excellent food. In this restaurant, you can try some of the famous Mediterranean specialties.

It is important to mention that since 1979, the Old Town Kotor has been on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Whether you decide to visit the museum, church, or other sights of the city, where local curators will give you more historical information about this place, or you decide to spend the day drinking local wine and eating seafood in one of the restaurants in the Old Town Kotor, we are sure that you will not regret it. This is one of the relaxing activities that you can spend a whole day on without ever getting bored.

Rest for the soul – fishing on the bay

We recommend fishing on the bay if you lack a little physical activity, which will also bring you a sense of harmony and satisfaction. In the Adriatic Sea, there are more than forty different species of fish and other animals: small sharks, squid, cuttlefish, tuna, eel, bream, mackerel, and other underwater animals. If you decide to fish in one of the most beautiful bays, we are sure that you will experience unforgettable emotions. The peace and harmony you will feel while fishing on a fishing boat is surely an experience to remember.

Most tours that allow fishing on the bay will not leave you empty-handed but will let you take all the fish you catch with you. Licensed, experienced, and highly qualified anglers will take you to the best-hidden fishing spot in the bay and beyond.

Kotor has a long fishing tradition. Many locals still have their fishing boats. Some are born to fish and have been doing it since childhood.

Remember that fishing is much more than just catching fish. It is a unique time for peace and moments with friends and family that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit the Maritime Museum

You can complete your visit to the Old Town Kotor with a visit to the Maritime Museum, located in the baroque palace, known as Grgurina from the 18th century, in the central part of the Old Town Kotor, on the Bokel Navy Square.

Kotor is a city known for seafaring, which began to develop in the 9th century. Memories of the successes of famous Kotor sailors, artists, shipbuilders, artisans, politicians, and diplomats are preserved today in the Maritime Museum of the city of Kotor, located in the Old Town. In addition, the museum also keeps portraits of famous captains, models of old galleys and sailing ships, navigation instruments, and other precious exhibits. There are three collections within the museum:

• maritime-technical — which evokes the maritime-technical tradition of Boka Kotor

• historical-artistic — which shows the historical tradition and luxurious interiors of Kotor’s palaces

• ethnological — which shows the skills of Kotor artisans and the wealth of traditional folk art of Kotor Bay. The Maritime Museum in Kotor carefully preserves the treasures of the Adriatic Sea. This treasure keeps the maritime tradition from oblivion and connects the sea near Kotor and its people, famous sailors, who sailed from it to the distant seas of the world. At the entrance to the medieval palace of Grgurina, there are also two small cannons, a symbol of the never-ending struggle of the sailors and pirates of Boka.

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