- 16 Jun 2021

Scuba Diving in Bay of Kotor

two divers exploring the blue cave

Montenegro boat tours are great fun, but how can you bring them to the next level? Add snorkeling or scuba diving into the mix! If you are interested in Kotor speed boat trips, you should seriously consider trying out diving too, even if you never did it before. 

Under the Sea… 

The Bay of Kotor looks stunning above sea level. Perhaps it’s not surprising that there is a lot to explore under the sea too. The intricate relief extends to the underwater realm and there are actually lots of sights to discover there also: both natural and cultural. The biodiversity of the Adriatic won’t leave anyone indifferent, but there are actually multiple shipwrecks to explore too. 

Scuba Diving Spots for Beginners 

Montenegro is a country with a lot to offer. With so much to focus on, diving is rarely mentioned, but there are actually many great diving spots along the cost. Bay of Kotor and the surrounding area is ideal for beginners (but experienced divers won’t be disappointed either). 

The reasoning behind this claim? First of all, the mild climate makes the diving experience always pleasant. During the summer months the water temperature stays between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. Even during the winter, it rarely falls below 13 degrees, which is still fairly warm. 

Moreover, there are interesting experiences even for beginner divers in this area. Diving up to 10 meters below the surface is allowed without a scuba diving license. All you need is a trusted instructor to guide you through the process. 

The newest addition to the range of boat trips organized by Limitless is exactly this: hassle-free scuba diving for everyone. The guys at Limitless will take care of everything, from transport and diving equipment to introductory lectures and even underwater photos. 

Scuba diving is really a unique experience. Even if you’ve never done it before, it can be the perfect addition to your Kotor boat trip. 

Blue Cave 

diver in blue cave montenegro

The Blue Cave is one of the top tourist attractions in the Boka Bay area. Visiting this cave by boat is a nice experience even if you stay above the surface of the water. In fact, many travelers make the trip there each year just to admire the mesmerizing blue shades that the cave is known for. 

However, scuba diving inside the cave will bring the experience to a whole new level. This cave is known for the natural light inside, and the amazing shade of blue is visible below the surface too. The sea is not too deep inside the cave (up to 8 meters) which makes this dive great for beginners too.

Shipwreck PR-38 Tunj

Shipwreck PR-38 Tunj, underwater photo

The military tugboat PR-38 Tunj had sunk near the town of Perast in 2013. Due to this very recent event, the ship is still in great condition. The location of the sheep is not very deep (5-18 m) which makes this shipwreck perfect for divers of all levels to explore! 

The location of this diving spot near Perast makes it perfect for combining with a boat tour of Our Lady of the Rocks island. 

More to Explore 

For licensed scuba divers there is a whole underwater world to explore in the bay of Kotor. Above we named two interesting and accessible attractions, but for those willing to go deeper, there is more to see. 

Inside the Bay of Kotor, and especially around the Lustica peninsula at the entrance to the bay, there are multiple diving sites known for their beauty. Those interested in natural beauty will find multiple reefs and caverns. There are also multiple shipwrecks from different periods buried under the water. 

Already know where you’d like to go? Perhaps you’re not sure yet and would like some recommendations? In any case, feel free to contact us and arrange a private tour. Adding scuba diving to the experience is always an option.

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