Scuba Diving Tours

1 hour per dive


In cooperation with our friends from diving club Aquanaut, we created a special bundle for our guests. Now you can enrich your speed boat tour experience with one more amazing activity – scuba diving!

Add scuba diving to the private tour of your choice (Perast, Blue Cave Adventure, Jewels), or make it a “Scuba diving only tour” by visiting multiple diving locations!

Let our experienced, internationally-certified instructors guide you on the adventure into
the mysterious depths of the Adriatic sea!

Your safety is, without a doubt, our number one priority. We have modern, reliable, state
of the art diving equipment that will allow you to feel safe and comfortable in the depths
of the sea.

*For diving at depths over 10meters you need to have a scuba diving license.*

Discovery Dive 1 Tour – Shipwreck and Lady of the Rocks

*Suitable For tourists without diving certificate

Shipwreck near Perast

Can you imagine how a less than a decade old shipwreck looks like? Well, you can find out on this boat tour. We will visit the sunken military tugboat PR38 Tunj, located near Perast.

This is a great diving site for beginners for many reasons. First of all, the ship is still in very good condition considering it’s been under water for less than 10 years. Second, the shipwreck lies at a relatively small depth. This makes it easily accessible even for those without a license for deep dives.

The ship PR38 Tunj was built in 1957 in Kraljevica Shipyard in Croatia. It was built for the needs of the Yugoslav Navy where it remained in service for many years. In 2006 PR38 Tunj was stationed in Montenegro as part of the naval forces of our country. However, only 3 years later, it was sold to a private company. Probably due to negligence, the ship sank in 2013 at a location close to Perast where it has remained since.

Depth: 5-18 meters
Scuba diving level needed: No licence up to 10m, Level 1

Our Lady of the Rocks Island

After exploring the sunken ship, we will visit the stunning island with a church – Our Lady
of the Rocks. According to the origin legend, a seaman saw an icon of the Holy Mother of God
on a rock in the sea on July 22, 1452. Since then, upon returning from each successful voyage,
seamen laid a rock at that place until eventually an island was created by the practice.

The interior of the island church is also definitely worth visiting. It houses 68 paintings by Tripo 
Kokolja, a famous artist from Kotor, and an icon of Our Lady of the Rocks (1452), by Lovro Dobrićević.
The most peculiar piece of art, though, is a tapestry embroidered by Jacinta
Kunić-Mijović. Behind the tapestry is a true love story. For 25 years, Jacinta waited for her lover to return from the sea, al the while working on this piece of art. She embroidered the tapestry with strands of her own hair – blond when she was young and grey when she get old.

After a visit to the island, we end our speed boat tour by heading back to Kotor.

Discovery Dive 1 Tour Includes:

  • Transport with speed boat to the location and back
  • Introductory lecture
  • Diving equipment
  • Tour duration max 3h
  • Depth max 12 m
  • Underwater photo
  • Visit to the Lady of the Rocks Island

Discovery Dive 2 Tour – Blue Cave

*Suitable For tourists without diving certificate

Blue Cave

Ever wondered how the bottom of the famous Blue Cave looks like? Now you can see one of the most popular attractions in Montenegro from a completely new angle.

The Blue Cave is one of the most beautiful and largest caves in a series of caves – grottoes,
which are located along the coast on the Lustica peninsula in the Bay of Kotor. 
The cave is located between the bay of Zlatna Luka and Cape Mokra Gora. It has two
 openings at an angle of 45 °, a smaller opening on the south side and a larger one on the
southwest side, which is 3 m high and about 15 m wide. This allows boats and smaller
ships to enter the cave.
The depth of the sea inside the cave ranges between 3 and 8 meters. The height from sea level to the top of the ceiling is 9m, and the area of the cave is about 300m². The Blue Cave got its name from the unusually crystal blue color that is created by the reflection of the sun’s rays that bounce off its surface during clear days.
Depth: 8- 15 meters
Scuba diving level needed: Level 1

Discovery Dive 2 Tour Includes:

  • Transport with speed boat to the location and back
  • Introductory lecture
  • Diving equipment
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Tour duration max 3h
  • Depth max 12 m
  • Underwater photo

Custom Scuba Diving Speed Boat Tours

For tourists who hold diving certificates, we offer various other more demanding scuba diving
locations. Check out our scuba diving map below and contact us to book your customized
Scuba diving tour.

Note: Please keep in mind that the price stated above is the price of one dive per person. For the total price of the scuba diving tour please contact us via email or phone.

two scuba divers in blue cave, montenegro
intricate underwater rock formations in blue cave, montenegro
two divers exploring the blue cave
underwater photo of the shipwreck tunj
scuba diving boat tour underwater photo