- 29 Jun 2021

Summer 2021 in Montenegro: Open For Business After Covid-19

After Covid-19 a very difficult year, the end of the pandemic finally seems to be in sight. Although travel is still nowhere as easy as it used to be pre-pandemic, no one can blame you if you are looking for somewhere to relax during the summer of 2021. Could Montenegro be just what you are looking for? While some restrictions are still in place, dreamy beach days and sunny boat trips are definitely a reality this year at the Montenegrin coast. 

What’s The Situation Like in Montenegro This Year? 

Over the recent months, the Coronavirus infection rates have been steadily falling in Montenegro. The immunization is also going quite well and most of the pandemic measures have been relaxed. 

While masks in closed spaces and physical distancing are still a requirement (which is probably a good thing), life continues almost as usual. As of June 19th, restaurants, cafes, and shops operate with normal working hours. 

Who Can Enter Montenegro? 

According to the latest decisions (as of June 29) anyone possessing valid travel documents can enter Montenegro with either a negative test for Covid-19 or proof of vaccination. 

Tests accepted in order to enter without quarantine include a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to entering the country, a negative rapid antigen test recognised by the European Commission taken within 48 hours of travel, or a positive serology test on IgG antibodies not older than 30 days from a registered laboratory. Regarding vaccination, passengers must have received the final dose of the vaccine 14 days before entry. 

In addition to this, residents of the EU can enter Montenegro without any restrictions or additional requirements. This is also true for residents of Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Northern Macedonia, Izrael, Switzerland, Moldavia, Norway, and Kazakhstan. If you’ve stayed in any of these countries for 14 days without interruption, you can also enter regardless of citizenship. 

Note of caution: While things are certainly looking up for Montenegro regarding summer season 2021, the situation is still volatile and the rules can change quickly. Make sure to check the current regulations before booking your trip and leaving for Montenegro. 

Getting to Montenegro After Covid-19 in 2021 

The most comfortable way to arrive in Montenegro is certainly by plane. Landing in Tivat is usually the best option for those coming for a summer holiday. There are seasonal flights planned for many destinations for this summer. Make sure to check that out – getting to Montenegro might be easier than expected this year. 

Among others, EasyJet has introduced multiple lines from Tivat starting this year. A new airline has also started operating in Montenegro. The other airport is in Podgorica, the capital. 

Limitless Recommendations for This Year’s Adventure 

If you ask us, the Bay of Kotor is the perfect place to stay and the perfect base to explore the rest of Montenegro. While you are there, turn to Limitless Tours Kotor and have you adventures and sightseeing organized by experienced guides 

These are our top picks for this summer: 

1. A Boat Trip to the Blue Cave 

Two divers in Blue Cave, Montenegro

A trip to the Blue Cave is simply the perfect outdoor adventure for the summer. With Limitless, you can book a private tour or hop on a group tour starting from Kotor. Besides the unique Blue Cave, you can see the stunning islands of Mamula and Our Lady of the Rocks and explore secret submarine tunnels. If all of this is not enough, from this year it’s possible to add scuba diving into the mix too. 

2. Porto Montenegro Private Speed Boat Tour 

Porto Montenegro

For those looking for a relaxing afternoon rather than extreme outdoor adventure, a speed boat trip to Porto Montenegro with a stop for drinks at one of the stunning beach bars along the way might just be the perfect choice. 

3. Jewels of Montenegro Speed Boat Tour 

speed boat sunset

Looking for the full experience and ultimate relaxation? The Jewels of Montenegro tour will allow you to see the sights, experience the atmosphere, taste the local food and get a glimpse of the local way of life. 

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