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Submarine Tunnel

Visiting an abandoned tunnel might not be part of your usual sightseeing list, but in this case, it definitely should. One of the best-hidden sights in the Bay of Kotor, the submarine tunnel near the village of Rose is worth a visit for anyone who wants to spend an enjoyable afternoon on the water.

Set in a beautiful location, the tunnel is not only a fascinating piece of military heritage, but also a great place for swimming, snorkeling, or just wandering around. This hidden gem is easy to overlook, but if you are looking for the best boat tours around Kotor, make sure not to skip this one.

Submarine Tunnels Montenegro

A Fascinating Piece of History 

When we say this tunnel is the best-hidden sight in Montenegro, we mean it literally. Built during the 1970s by the Yugoslav Navy, this tunnel was designed to stealthily host submarines and small ships. The entrance features a peculiar construction covered with fake rocks designed to make the spot invisible to unsuspecting eyes. 

The tunnel is part of a fascinating and little-known series of similar tunnels and stealth locations built by the Yugoslav Army along the coasts of Montenegro and Croatia. Two smaller tunnels are located nearby, but the one near Rose is the largest, the most interesting to explore, and actually the only one that used to host submarines. 

The tunnel itself is 100 meters long. It is possible to swim the whole length of the tunnel, although it’s a dead end – there is no exit on the other side. There are also walking pathways along the sides for those who prefer to walk, and those who are really brave can explore the network of passages and chambers connected to the tunnel. 

The tunnel has not been used for its original purpose for decades. During the 2000s, it briefly hosted an electronic music festival, the location obviously chosen for the exciting but slightly eerie scenery. Other than that, the tunnel remains abandoned to this day and is free for anyone to explore.

Submarine Tunnels Montenegro

An Amazing Location 

Due to its original purpose, the Submarine Tunnel was built at a strategic location at the very entrance to the Bay of Kotor. It is located on the edge of the Luštica peninsula, directly opposite Herceg Novi on the other shore. The spot offers beautiful views of the Adriatic sea and it’s a wonderful location for swimming as well. 

The Luštica peninsula is a largely untouched natural area with dreamy villages scattered all around along with secluded beaches surrounded by olive groves. For those interested in cultural history, the peninsula is also home to a couple of impressive fortresses built by the Austro-Hungarian army during the 19th century. One of them, called Kabala, is located very close to the tunnel. On the other side of the Submarine Tunnel is the picturesque village of Rose, a great location for swimming, having lunch, or just having a walk and enjoying the slow life at the seaside. 

The location is perfect for a boat trip. It is easily reachable from Kotor, or any other town in the bay. On the way there, you get to enjoy the beautiful vistas all along the way, feel the breeze in your hair and take a dip in the sea away from the noise of busy tourist spots. 

If you are interested in taking a tour starting from Kotor, Limitless Speed Boat Tours offers a group tour that will let you see the Submarine Tunnel alongside other amazing sights in the area, including the Blue Cave, the Mamula fortress as well as Lady of the Rocks, a church located on its own little island. For those who like a bit more freedom to explore on their own, booking custom-tailored private speed boat tours is also possible. 

Submarine Tunnels Montenegro

Why Visit the Submarine Tunnel? 

Visit the atmosphere and the sense of adventure. Entering the tunnel, you’ll feel like a movie character stepping into a secret lair. The submarine tunnel is really a unique sight, and not only for those interested in military history. The beautiful scenery along the way and crystal-clear water on the site make this tunnel one of the must-visit spots if you are taking a boat tour in Montenegro. 

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