- 16 May 2020

Where Shall I Book My Holiday This Summer

Montenegro is the best place in the world to travel and spend your holiday this summer near the blue clear sea, beaches and in the Montenegro forest.    

Montenegro Is the First country in the world to get over the crises.

Most restriction are gone now and by next week! people can go back to work and start their daily life style as usual. 

Today I was out and everyone on beach enjoying the sunshine and Montenegrin are celebrating this day as many people start to resume their sport activities such as swimming, fishing, or running near the beaches of Montenegro. Family and kids are having picnics on the beach. It’s such a good feeling to be out again enjoying Montenegro seaside and mountains adventures. In June 2020 borders will be open to all tourists in the world

Montenegro The Hidden Treasure In Europe.

looking over Kotor

The truth is many people in the world don’t know about what can Montenegro offer to the tourists from all over the word. 

Because of the challenges that we are facing right now, many travellers started looking for a safe and fun destination to travel and Montenegro is on their top list due to many reasons such as Montenegro got over the crises in a short time and most important the hidden touristic attractions that everyone wants to discover. 


East of Budva, Becici is full of large hotels near the beach with outstanding hospitality and service

West of Budva is perfect for Families as the beaches are full of children appropriate activities. Our Jewels of Montenegro tour is perfect to experience Budva and Kotor


Kotor has one of the most beautiful bay on the coast of Montenegro, Kotor is a city full of tradition and a great history, with amazing scenic views. The old city was built between the 12th and 14th centurie, inside the old city, there is a great fortress called Saint Ivan.

We at Speedboat Montenegro are here to help you with any queries or concerns you may have about travelling to Montenegro. If you are planning holiday this summer and don’t have options then Montenegro is for you.

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