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Kotor Holidays Mini Guide 2022

Porto Montenegro

If you live anywhere in Europe, especially in the northern part, Kotor is the ultimate destination for a quick getaway. With lots of companies offering cheap flights during the summer season, all that separates you from this dreamy place is a few hours and one flight. 

The Perfect Destination for a Getaway in 2022 

Kotor is a fairly small town situated on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast. With beautiful limestone cliffs of Mt. Lovćen in the background and a stunning bay reminiscent of the nordic fjords in front of it, it is a place that always leaves an impression. 

When you want to escape the gloomy weather and the daily grind, Kotor is the perfect place because it will instantly transport you to another era. The medieval old town and its rich history of seafaring with winding streets and squares and Romanesque churches will make you fall in love with the place in an instant.

Lady of the Rock

Top Things to Do While on Holiday in Kotor 

Whether you are traveling alone or traveling with your loved one, family, or friends, there is always something to do in Kotor. The town is fairly small so everything is nearby and easily reachable, but big enough that there is always something going on. 

And now we come to the most important thing, what can you do in Kotor? Kotor is one of those places where the past meets the future in a perfect union. The list of things to do gets quite long, but these are the absolute highlights: 

#1 Visit Kotor Old Town

Kotor’s old town is a famous iconic place in the town of Kotor. The sheer number of churches, palaces, narrow alleys, stairways, and gates built from stone centuries ago is reason enough to visit. 

If you arrive in the old town during the day, you might be overwhelmed by busy streets full of people and outdoor restaurants. If you wait till late afternoon you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a more peaceful side of the old town. 

Arrive at the old town in late afternoon and you’ll be able to enjoy a more peaceful side of it. We recommend taking a map with you (you can get them at the stone kiosk located in front of the main entrance to the old town) and exploring the lovely winding streets of the old town and its amazing palaces and gates at your own pace.

#2 Kotor Bay Speed Boat Tour

Another thing nobody should miss is a speed boat tour of Kotor Bay. Boat tours can be taken at any time of the day and there are quite a few attractions to see in the bay. You can tailor your own experience too – from fun group tours, over private private tours to hiring a boat all for yourself. No matter what you choose you’ll surely enjoy it as there are plenty of things to explore.

restaurant lady of the rocks
Restaurant near Lady of the Rock

The main attractions to visit by boat include: 

For more info about Boat Tours in the Bay of Kotor, check out our 2022 guide here.

How to Get to Kotor, Montenegro

By Air: Getting to Kotor by air is definitely the most convenient way. If you look for Kotor airport you will realize it does not exist, but, luckily, the Tivat airport is actually quite close – the ride to the center of Kotor from Tivat airport shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Each year there are more and more flights to Tivat from various European cities. The main issue is that they are available only during the summer.

If there are no flights to Tivat, alternative options include the airports in Podgorica and Dubrovnik (both less than 100km away). 

By Land: Both Podgorica, Dubrovnik, and Tivat are connected to Kotor by fairly frequent bus lines. In fact, if you rely on public transportation, buses are the only reliable way to get around Montenegro.

If coming by car from the side of Croatia, you’ll get to enjoy an incredibly scenic route called Jadranska magistrala. The name of the route is often translated as Adriatic Highway. This might be a bit misleading as it is a two-lane road for the most part, but it’s definitely worth taking your time to drive along this stunning route that stretches along the entire Adriatic coast of Croatia and Montenegro.

Where to Stay in Kotor

The most hip place to stay in Kotor is the Old Town, but if you are looking for a quiet getaway away from the crowds, checking out the nearby Dobrota might also be worth it. In any case, there are plenty of options in Kotor for every budget. Both AirBnb and Booking are good places to start your search to find the perfect accommodation. 

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