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Kotor Holidays Mini Guide 2020

Porto Montenegro

Kotor is the best place for holidays if you are in Europe especially if you live in London. It’s a 3 hours direct flight and you will experience a big transformation in weather.

Kotor is a town roughly the size of 335km square situated on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast with beautiful limestone cliffs of Mt. Lovćen looking over Kotor bay. It’s the sort of place that will transport you to another era.

It’s a medieval old town has a rich history of seafaring with winding streets and squares and Romanesque churches that will make you fall in love this place. Some of the main  attractions are the Kotor Cathedral, the Maritime Museum and you wouldn’t want to miss out the ancient town of Perast.

Whether you are traveling alone or travelling with family or friends I am sure you will fall in love with the place. This guide is written to give you all the essential info about Kotor so you are well prepared and you can focus on doing rather than thinking.

Lady of the Rock

1. What are some of the things you can do in your Kotor Holidays?

And now we come to the most important thing, what can you do in Kotor?, We’ve got you covered. There are many things to see and do. Kotor is one of those places where the past meets the future in a perfect union. The Lonely Planet in 2016 named Kotor as the number one city to visit in the world.

Visit Kotor Old Town

Kotor’s old town is a famous iconic place in the town of Kotor. It’s got a great number of palaces, gates and stylish stairs.

If you arrive in the old town during the day, you might be overwhelmed by busy streets full of people and outdoor restaurants. If you wait till late afternoon you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a more peaceful side of the Old town. You can arrive early and take a speed boat tour of Kotor.

Arrive at the old town in late afternoon and you’ll be able to enjoy a more peaceful side of it. We recommend taking a local map with you and explore the lovely winding streets of the old town and its amazing palaces and gates.

Kotor Bay Speed Boat Tour

You’ll really enjoy a speed boat tour of Kotor bay. Bout tour can be taken any time of the day. There are different types of tours some are group tours of 10 people. You can also take private tours or hire a boat for yourself. No matter what you choose you’ll surely enjoy it as there are plenty of things to explore. You can see

restaurant lady of the rocks
Restaurant near Lady of the Rock
  • The Blue Cave
  • Explore the Submarine Tunnels
  • Visit the Old Town
  • Port of Montenegro
  • Our Lady of the Rock


Just a short bus ride away or short boat tour away is the  small town of Perast. It is a small sleepy waterfront which is like a little sibling of Kotor.

You can walk from one end of Perast to the other end in about 10 mins.Along the way you’ll find similar Romanesque architecture to Kotor.

The main attractions are two small islands located nearby. One of them is an artificial island.

Apart from the above there is a also a Cat Museum and a Maritime Museum which definitely deserve a visit! What sets Kotor apart is that you’ve got these wonderful places to visit and it also hosts some amazing events, like the Sea Rock Festival, Winter Carnival and also a Summer Carnival and much much more. You can find more info about various events and festivals here

2. What’s the weather like &When is the best time to book your Kotor Holidays ?

Kotor is a small town that is nestled between steep mountains with a magnificent bay. Being a small coast town it is not cluttered with tourists. It’s one of Montenegro’s hidden gems. The town of Kotor is a part of the Bay of Kotor Area.

Because the town is between mountains it is quite protected from harsh winter weather and rain. July is the driest month while November sees the most amount of rain. Although it is mostly protected from harsh weather you can expect to see occasional out of season rain.

The hottest months are June and August with an average temperature of 31 degree C and the coldest months are January and Feb.

3. How to get to Kotor, Montenegro?

By Air:  If you are flying in then it’s best to fly in to Podgorica Airport. From the airport you are roughly 70km by road.Though your journey you will pass through Budva city and your final destination Kotor. The cost of a private taxi is around 50 euro.

The best time to book your holidays in Kotor is in the Spring and Summer months, you can see the Kotor Bay come to life with beautiful sunshine and dry weather, mostly!

By Land: Land: Alternately if you are coming from DUBROVNIK, you can take buses which depart frequently. You can find more info about buses here.

4. Where to stay in Kotor?

The best place to stay in Kotor is the old city or around that area. You can book apartment with a good price though AirBnb

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