- 14 Feb 2020

Discover new exotic Holiday destination in Europe

Perast Montenegro
  • Montenegro is a Europe’s great escape and a holiday destination. It’s not far and it’s exotic with amazing nature and beautiful landscape.
  • It has a rich history with great food
  • Weather is amazing year round. Sunny and warm weather all year around
  • Low population makes it a great tourist place.

Most people when they go on a holiday they go to one of the more famous destinations like France or South of France, Spain or to some far away place like Thailand for warm sun. What if I told you there are some very nice and exotic locations right here in Europe with nice sunshine, excellent beaches and warm and friendly people.

A beautiful view in Kotor, Montenegro

If you live in Europe, it’s not far away and it has amazing natural landscape. This place is Montenegro.

If you go to Google and look for pictures of Montenegro, you will see beautiful natual landscape, mountains , riviera, seas and forests.

Having this amazing landscape many tourism agencies don’t promote Montenegro much.

It’s a small country which is good because you don’t have to travel much to get around and the food here amazing. The main cities are Kotor, Budva and Porto Montenegro.

These cities are located on the seaside, you’ll be surrounded by mountains on one side and sea on the other.

They offer so much excitement and mystery. For example Kotor is an old city unique architecture especially it’s orthodox churches which were built 100s of years ago.

You can climb to top of mountain. Each step you climb you see landscape of Kotor and all of Montenegro If you are into photography, you’ll love this place. It’s also great for family outing. Very Romantic spot, and if you are with your fiancee it’s a great spot to propose!

Being a seaside it’s full of yachts , and speed boats. You can go and discover new places like islands in the middle of sea something you’ve never seen before.. You can only see them if you go by boat.

These islands were created many many years ago some are artificial islands and villages. where people use to live many years ago. You can visit places like Like Lady of the Rock, Perast and Blue caves.

This place is very beautiful and unique not found anywhere else in Europe. This is just one city.

Budva which is not too far away is unique in it’s own way. It has a completely different vibe. It’s got different activities, like fishing, surfing, sky diving, para gliding. And most people don’t know that Montenegro offers this.


Many people during winters around Christmas seek warm holiday destination, especially from cold climates like UK. Montenegro is sunny most of the year. Temperature does not drop below 10 degrees C

January which is the coldest month, the temperature does not go below 10 and Feb and March is 25. Its the perfect weather. May to August is peak summer and the temperature is 30 to 35 degree C.

You can go swimming in the sea in March. I’ve personally done this and it’s so much fun.

Travel to Montenegro

Travelling to Montenegro is super easy. If you are coming London, or UK in general. You can get a direct flight to the capital city of Podgorica, Montenegro.

Ryan air has great deals on travelling to Montenegro. You can get a direct flight to Podgorica or Tvat city airport. And most importantly the tickets are cheap.

This population of Montenegro is only half a million people. When you go on holiday you don’y want to crowded tourist places. You want to relax, and this is the best place to be. It’s a great experience to have with your friends and family if you want privacy.

You don’t need a lot of money to enjoy Montenegro. Most people seek sunshine go on holidays to far away places and spend 1000s of pounds yet most people don’t know they can enjoy the sunshine and sunny beaches right here in Europe and it’s only 3 hours away.

In less than 400 euros you can have an amazing time. If you haven’t been to Montenegro. I highly recommend it. Discover cities like Kotor, explore all activities, Budva has fishing, sky diving etc. Port Montenegro is like a luxurious place for partying on yachts.

This exotic undiscovered , unrevealed country of Montenegro has a lot to offer you. I’m sure if you go there you’ll love it and make it your top holiday destination.

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